1-13 Exciting Ministry in the Yucatan Peninsula

This month Pastor Juan Tun, our Field Coordinator for the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, participated in the anniversary celebration of a church we have been involved with for many years. El Shaddai is in Felippe Carrillo Puerto and is led by Pastor Fausto Ek May. He is also oversees other churches throughout the Zona Maya. Juan has posted some pictures of the celebration on the following website http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=11319&id=100000096914651&l=0ccfe144ad .

Juan is also planning a pastor’s conference in Merida at the end of the month, several new church plants this year and is hosting a short term missions team from Hillcrest Baptist Church in Washington State. The Yucatan region of Mexico is ripe for harvest and we are anticipating planting many new churches there Lord willing and with your support.