A Model for Multiplication

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Pastor Juan Tun (2nd f/left) with pastors from Merida area.

In the short course of two years Juan Tun, our Field Coordinator in Merida, has gone from planting and now leading one church in Merida to leading a network of four churches in the northern Yucatan, three which he planted! Juan planted a second church in a pueblo called Huhi, and is right now laying the groundwork for a new church in a third pueblo called Hili. The fourth church is in Quintana and though it was planted by a Mexican national returning from the United States, Juan has coached and helped the church to become very successful. Juan regularly visits the leaders of these churches, organizes combined activities, and oversees teams that come to visit from the U.S. to help with evangelism.

Pray for success in Hili as Juan visits the leaders of the community and presents the idea of a new evangelical church in their village.