Planning for Evangelism Team

Ricardo Ayala, Juan Tun (Field Directors) and Geoff Hartt visited San Antonio Xiat, a small Mayan village of a little over 100 people outside Merida this week. We were visiting as part of planning for a team from Calvary Baptist in Eaton, PA to arrive in August. Juan will be holding a camp for teens and then bringing the team here to strengthen the work he has been doing here. He currently meets Friday afternoons with the children in the village and then the teens in the evening. Several women in Juan’s team meet with the mothers for a time of discipleship as well. There’s no Evangelical church in the village so his discipleship is their only exposure to the Gospel.

We were there unannounced and within 15 minutes, out of nowhere, we had 14 children and 6 mothers listening to Ricardo share his testimony. They are hungry to hear more and these beautiful Mayans are open and listening. What a great opportunity! The church growing in San Antonio is exciting and different. it actually looks like one on the pages of the book of Acts!San Antonio Xiat1