Successful Evangelism Campaign in Salta

The evangelism campaign July 18-21 in Salta, Argentina was a great example of internal missions among churches in the Global South. Nicolas Gallo has been working to build relationships in the villa (neighborhood) of Constituticion. He has been visiting weekly and has even found a “man of peace” in the Director of the local community center. Los Ceibos, a Missionary Bible Church in Buenos Aires that Nicolas served with in the past, sent a team to Salta to work alongside his missionary team to lead 90 people to the Lord! They were able to visit every home in this neighborhood!Nico Preaching

Salta Team

Nicolas and his team will now work at discipling these new believers and forming them into a new church. Later this year a team will be visiting from Brew City Church in Milwaukee. They are exploring how they can assist Nicolas in the work the Lord has given him in Salta. Its exciting to see new churches being planted through partnerships both within and from outside the country.