Work Continues in Salta, Argentina – A Report From Nicolas Gallo

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Discipleship with new believers in Salta

Discipleship with new believers in Salta

We give many thanks to God for your prayers and your support, it is our privilege to know that we are part of what God is doing in Salta, northern Argentina. Lately we have seen God’s hand of salvation in the different activities and meetings in Barrio Constitution.

In the month of August, Florentine “Nonis” Cotre, a missionary of the Missionary Baptist Church of Puentealto, Santiago de Chile, joined our team. She is a great blessing to our ministry, we ask you to pray that God is with us and would guide each of our steps. Also in August, we had an activity on Children’s Day. It was a very nice time where many people heard the message of salvation.

In September, we had a visit from Eduardo Buldain, which was a great blessing to our lives. It was a time of encouragement and challenge. During the days 20 to 27 September, we also had the opportunity to travel to Word of Life- Argentina, to attend a conference for pastors and leaders – “Timothy and Barnabas”, that was held in Buenos Aires. It was a beautiful time where we heard the Word of God and we were challenged to make decisions. Also during that time we were able to visit the Bible Missionary Church of Los Ceibos, Gonzalez Catan On Sunday I shared the Word of God there. It was beautiful to be able to share with the brothers and sisters that we love so much.

In October we had a visit from the Children’s Ministry of Word of Life. It was a great blessing, as in the presentation in Barrio Constitution 30 people received Christ. We ask your prayers that we may be faithful in the visitation and discipleship of those people.