Ministry in Baja/Mexicali

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Paco Damian (Field Coordinator-Mexico) and Geoff Hartt (Director) spent a few days visiting with Pastor Gonzalo Gonzalez in Rosarito, Mexico. Pastor Gonzalo has started one group in Rosarito and two in Tijuana. These are home groups focused on discipling new believers and sharing the Gospel with other family members and neighbors. The intent with these groups is to disciple and grow them over time into independent churches. While there we visited the cousin of one of our Hispanic pastors in Washington State and met his father in law as well. Gonzalo was invited to lead a new Bible study at his house where he hosts a large family gathering each week-end. Lord willing this will be our forth new group in the area.

We also met with a group of Pastors in Mexicali to invite them to attend the First Iglesia Biblica Misionera (IBM) Pastor’s Retreat in Baja this May. IBM has held these retreats in various cities in Central Mexico in the past but now is expanding to Northern Mexico. The purpose is to build a network of pastors to encourage them and inspire them to plant new churches. Eight pastors attended and were very interested and planning to make the three hour drive west to attend.