Discipleship and Theological Teaching Critically Needed

In a May 15th online article, Pew Research Center wrote this…

Varying percentages of U.S. Hispanics also hold other spiritual beliefs, which in some cases may reflect a mix of Christian and indigenous or Afro-Caribbean influences.

Roughly four-in-ten U.S. Hispanics (39%), including a similar share of Hispanic Catholics, said they believe in the “evil eye,” or that certain people can cast curses or spells that cause bad things to happen. A smaller share (15%) said they have had witchcraft or black magic practiced on them or someone close to them.

They are speaking of Hispanics in the United States. Unfortunately, most of this spiritual baggage comes with them from their experience in Latin America. What this highlights for us is the need for solid, biblical discipleship and training in North America and Latin America. We need to focus on presenting a clear and complete Gospel, making disciples who become committed to following the way of Jesus Christ and living as a testimony to power to transform. This requires pastors and teachers trained and equipped to teach new believers. This requires a commitment to starting new churches with well discipled new Christians, not simply gathering poorly discipled Christians from other churches. This is the focus of Hispanics for Christ.

Our Field Coordinators disciple individuals, oversee groups of pastors and conduct retreats to equip believers and pastors to develop strong new churches. Last week Paco Damian and Eduardo Buldain conducted Pastor Retreats in Central Mexico and this week-end in Baja California. They have networked local pastors to emphasize evangelism, discipleship and multiplication in two day conferences full of encouragement and teaching. Next month we’ll bring some reports from these retreats.