2014 In Review

First Mtg in BrooksHispanics for Christ has had a part in planting 12 new Hispanic churches across the Americas over the last year. These are just the ones we can measure, because many of our Field Coordinators are supporting other pastors and churchplanting efforts outside their direct circles. They facilitated 20 evangelism campaigns, many with teams from churches from within Latin America. These campaigns have led to 31 groups of new believers, gathering for discipleship with the goal of becoming self-sufficient churches in the next 1 to 3 years.

In addition to the actual churchplanting, our Field Coordinators facilitated 15 churchplanting/pastoral retreats in California, Mexico, Argentina and Paraguay. There are now over ninety churches in this network today across the Americas. Your financial support has helped make that possible!

In the coming year we hope to better financially support these Field Coordinators to continue doing what they have been called to do, and possibly pursue opportunities to expand into new fields in El Salvador and Cuba.