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Mexico Vi

By June 22, 2009August 26th, 2018No Comments

Tony Campos, Paco Damian and I spent June 13-20 visiting pastors in Mexico City, Zamora and Queretaro. It was a very exciting but typical week for us! We gathered a group of believers in Uren, Michoacan and arranged for a pastor from Zamora to begin working with them. A new church was born! We also met with two pastors who are ready to start multiplying and we’ll be going back in August to train their leaders to begin planting new simple, bi-vocational churches.

Another exciting element to this trip was making connections between some of our leaders and Mexicans who have family up in the United States. Each one represents the potential for another church!

Visiting believers in Uren, Michoacan.

Visiting believers in Uren, Michoacan.

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