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8/27 – Five New Church

By August 27, 2009November 18th, 2022No Comments

We ended our two days of training in Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church last night with a plan to start five new churches out of this small church of 25 people in a one street colonia in Zamora. Four new groups and leaders will be in other parts of the city of Zamora and one will be in another pueblo a half hour away. One of the new groups will meet in a park and is lead by and aimed at university students!

We explained how to use your existing social networks, focus on practicing the basic commands of Christ and meet in interactive small groups. It was exciting to see the churches enthusiasm and leaders for these new works step up and put their new learning to work.

It seemed that their pastor, Jorge, was overwhelmed that in two nights we were able to take his dream for multiplying in the city and bring it to life.

Our Central Mexico Field Director, Paco Damian, will continue to coach Pastor Jorge, provide materials for training all the new leaders and encourage this new work.

Pastor Jorge and Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Jorge and Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

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