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9/5 Ricardo Ayala Off to El Salva

By September 6, 2009November 18th, 2022No Comments

Sunday afternoon our Field Coordinator from the mid-west will be leaving for a visit to El Salvador. Ricardo is from there and is going to visit family, but even before leaving he has been working through his family networks to begin a new church with his brother who lives there.

This is an example of how HFC teaches and practices church planting through existing networks and relationships. When Peter proclaimed the Gospel to Cornelius he spoke to a house full of ready listeners…Cornelius’ network of co-workers, friends and family. This is the basis of launching nine new groups last month in Mexico.

We are praying this will open up our opportunities in El Salvador, as one of our churches in Oregon is composed of many families from El Salvador as well. We look forward to Ricardo’s report from his efforts in this new country for us.

Ricardo teaching in Cualtitlan, Mexico.

Ricardo teaching in Cualtitlan, Mexico.

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