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Fruit from Argentina

By August 11, 2010August 26th, 2018No Comments

This last June I visited numerous churches in Argentina and shared a vision for a church planting movement. One church was in Sunchales, south of Rafaela in central Argentina. Pastor Ezequiel has a wonderful church there and a big vision for planting new churches. Today I received a very encouraging email from Pastor Ezequiel. He said,

“I want to share with you that Sunchales has begun a new church on the other side of the city with two new families in a community called Colón. They were two families that we had in Sunchales when you came and were a motivator for us. I ask for your prayers as we believe this can be the beginning of a movement.”

This story illustrates the work of Hispanics for Christ. We cast vision, help with strategy and resources and follow-up to hopefully see many, many new churches started among Hispanics throughout the Americas.

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