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Training the Vision in Mexico

By February 22, 2011August 26th, 2018No Comments

Pastor Ayala teaching at the Missions/Evangelism Conference.

The title of this short article probably doesn’t make much sense, since the logical question is: how do you train a vision? For Juan Tun, our Field Coordinator in the Yucatán region of Mexico, it is very clear. His greatest desire is to see Christians strengthened and churches planted and multiplied. To achieve this, in faith and inspired by the Word, he shares the call of the Macedonians in the New Testament: “Come and help us.”

This was precisely what Pastor Juan Tun did. This January he organized his first Missionary and Evangelism Conference. The facilitator for the training was Pastor Ricardo Ayala, HFC Field coordinator in Chicago. The event took place from January 14 to 16, attracting more than forty church leaders, all interested in “infecting” their relatives and friends with the redeeming message of Jesus Christ.

It was a gratifying experience to see that a good percentage of the participants were young people who were already involved in some way in the leadership of local congregations. An example of this was the  music group that led praise and worship during the conference. The group was made up of brothers belonging to two of the churches founded by Hispanics for Christ (Quintana Roo and Felipe Carrillo Puerto).

The desire and mission of this group is to be instruments in God’s hands to promote and to expand Christ’s kingdom in the Yucatán. The group took advantage of the conference to officially launch themselves into this mission, asking Pastor Ayala to pray a prayer of dedication over them. Pastor Juan, together with other lay pastors of this region, has a passion to share the vision, and “train the vision” that they themselves are implanting in the believers so there is a saturation of the Gospel in the region.

Field Coordinators Tun and Ayala with local pastors at conference.

Due to the scarce economic resources available to many pastors and their congregations, some were not able to be present at the conference in Merida. Therefore, after the conference concluded, Field Coordinators Tun and Ayala traveled to visit other pastors across the Yucatán, to encourage them so they might continue with this worthy and valuable work.

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