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Training Pastors in Argentina

By April 11, 2011August 26th, 2018No Comments

David Ibarra, Tony Campos, Geoff Hartt and Randy Schmor in Rafaela, Arg.

This week HFC Director Geoff Hartt, Field Coordinator Tony Campos, Gateway Teams Director Randy Schmor were in Buenos Aires, Rafaela and Salta, Argentina establishing new Pastor’s Training Centers. Each center is overseen by the local church and helps to prepare new pastors and equip others already in churches. In Rafaela, working with David Ibarra, the Field Coordinator there, they trained seventeen teachers to launch training centers in five churches throughout the area. These teachers will be using the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) curriculum.

From there, the group traveled north to Salta where they had just finished training five pastors to launch a Pastor’s Training Center in Iglesia Cristiana Siglo XXI. Field Coordinator Nicolas Gallo will be launching this center, hopefully in May. He and his brother Lucio, the pastor of Iglesia Cristiana, have a plan to plant a church in each of the five zones of the city. This center will help them prepare pastors to lead these churches.

In Buenos Aires, Field Coordinator Eduardo Buldain and his son Mattias just started their third year of classes at the Pastoral Training Center they had launched. Their website is here.

All of this means eight new Pastor Training Centers were launched this year and they are still going to Paraguay later this week to add another!

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