It’s Never Too Late to Plant a Church

This week we have been visiting Eduardo Buldain in Argentina with a team from Northern California. Pastor Marc Mafucci, Fred Hammond and Steve Kellar have been getting to know Eduardo and seeing the fruit of his efforts for the last 20 years in the Buenos Aires area. He has helped start 16 churches and they have set a goal for themselves for another 100 throughout the region.

Pastor Juan 10-13We visited one of those new works in a poor community called Nicol. Sunday night we worshiped with this small group that has been meeting in homes and various places – conducting outreaches, childrens ministries and discipling the new believers. They have just recently been allowed use of the former high school building (a corrugated tin shed) on the edge of the community. They are led by Pastor Juan who went to Bible school at 60 and finally told Eduardo he was ready to plant a church! He is a committed, loving servant of the Lord, caring for a flock in a challenging neighborhood without a lot of resources, but blessed none the less. They recently were given a piece of land right across the street from the new high school site to build on which will give them a prime location to reach out to the youth of this community.

They have followed the simple model that is continuing to extend this church planting movement on a solid foundation. They begin with evangelism, discipleship individually and in home groups, and when the group is mature enough (usually about three years) they become self sustaining church and begin to send their own people out as missionaries to other places.