Church Planting in El Salvador 2015

This summer we are beginning a new church planting initiative in El Salvador. We were invited into this by a small group of national, evangelical pastors in the capital city of San Salvador. In a country of 7 million people where over 97% claim to be Christian, why would we want to work there? There are actually several reason we have responded to this opportunity.

One reason we are going to start working there is we were invited. A group of national pastors sought out our help a few years ago and we have been meeting with them to hear their hearts about the needs in their country. They recognize there are many churches but also a murder rate four times higher than Mexico. (Mexico is 15 murders per 100K people, El Salvador is 71.) With over 25,000 gang members, and a crime level so high it rates a warning from the State Department , it would be pretty clear the 97% of Salvadoreños claiming Christianity aren’t disciples. And that spotlights another reason, the real need…for new churches made up of disciples, followers of Jesus Christ. Catholics and Pentecostals are the prominent groups by far, and the focus is on traditions not the teachings of Christ. We intend to have a different focus and model for church planting.

This June we do our final training and planning with the group of national pastors. Then in July they will conduct three seminars on discipleship in various cities, looking for 8-12 men committed to the process of discipleship. Our national team will mentor/disciple these new planters, coach them on reaching new believers using the Story of God in homes, and nurture these new groups into independent churches. Our goal is to plant at least four new churches within the following two years – evangelical churches made up of committed followers of Jesus Christ…disciples who make a difference in their communities, workplaces and families.