Building Networks in Yucatan

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20150531_122945Geoff Hartt and Paco Damian visited Merida, Mexico over the last few days of May, building our relationships with several churches in the city. We spent Sunday morning in Iglesia Bautista Peninsular with Pastor Oso Valdez May, who had just been installed as the church’s pastor. The church was planted by Donald Carney a Baptist missionary working for many years in this city.

We also met with a number of leaders from other churches in the region to explore where we might work in the city of Merida. It appears the southern section of this growing city is in the greatest need of new churches. We met Daniel Ceballo, a pastor in Merida who has worked in several churches over the years. Together we are exploring the idea of starting a new work to reach into the neighborhoods in southern Merida.