Training Pastors in Paraguay

Earlier this month Tony Campos (Field Coordinator-CA) and Geoff Hartt (Executive Director) visited Alcides Gonzalez (Field Coordinator-Paraguay) in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Alcides shared with them the training going on there to prepare pastors. In the city, working out of Iglesia Florida, Pastor Patricio heads up the pastor training institute there. Students come into the city for classes regularly using the Bible Training Center for Pastors materials. Pastor Maximo uses the same materials but takes the classes out to the rural areas to deliver training to pastors.

We also attended a graduation for eight students who had just completed the courses. Well over one hundred people attended the graduation in a small church outside San Lorenzo. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the success of these pastors in completing the ten courses in the program.

Pastor Maximo is one of three teachers equipping the rural pastors. He works with Alcides and is able to do this with the partnership and support of Crosspointe Christian Church in Detroit, MI. This is an example of the fruit these church partnerships can produce.20151106_161834