Educating Pastors

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Leader training at SCCC in Canada.

Leader training at SCCC in Canada.

Hispanics for Christ is involved with pastor training and education at various levels. Our Field Coordinators are involved with training church leaders in churches like South Calgary Community Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We also have Pastor Training Centers preparing pastors in the major cities of Buenos Aires, Argentina and San Lorenzo, Paraguay. We even have pastor training for pastors in remote villages in Paraguay. Our focus on education doesn’t stop there. Several of our Field Coordinators are studying at Souix Falls Seminary and SETECA. Having better educated Field Coordinators will contribute to their efforts training others for ministry among Hispanics.

Another area we are working on for the future is developing online education for pastors. We have been looking at several existing programs being used by well known seminaries. We would like to contextualize their programs to use among Hispanics across the Americas. They are very interested in partnering with HFC to achieve this goal.