Planting Churches, Training Leaders.

Hispanics for Christ, today.

The goal is to see every Hispanic community saturated with the gospel. At HFC, we answer this call by planting mission-driven churches and equipping pastors to lead them faithfully.

How We Help?

Planting churches

  • Churches centered on Christ and anchored in biblical principles. These churches flourish in transparent and healthy congregations.

Equipping leaders

  • Leaders committed to the call of being servants to their neighbors and the Lord. Formation is offered both online and in-person.

Bonding communities

  • We connect biblically grounded Christian communities with emerging Spanish-speaking communities, providing assistance, guidance, and resources.

Get involved

This mission is only possible thanks to you

Our goal is to establish churches that are grounded in biblical principles, healthy, and actively involved in God's mission. We recognize that the fulfillment of this mission, as well as the development of strong leaders, is made possible by the generous contributions of our donors. We are grateful for their courage and unwavering support.

About HFC

Planting churches since 2004

Hispanics for Christ is a non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of Spanish-language churches throughout Spanish-speaking countries. Our expertise lies in equipping leaders, casting vision, strategic planning, and providing ongoing support and training. We are committed to ensuring the sustainable growth and success of these churches in diverse countries.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we rely on your generous, tax-deductible contributions.