Institute of Pastoral Formation – Online and Local

Our Institute of Pastoral Formation (IPF) uses a combination of online courses and in-person seminars to prepare and equip men and women to serve in their local churches. Working in cooperation with our church networks in Latin America we have developed courses to equip a student in four areas, which they can earn certificates to reflect their achievement.

Students will work in local cohorts of learning and each will have a mentor to guide them through the learning process.

A student can earn a certificate in the following areas:

Students who complete our IPF will be able to continue on into Kairos should they desire, taking advantage of their previous learning with us.

Kairos University

Through our partnership with Kairos University we are able to offer qualified students an accredited degree. Students can earn their Bachelors, Masters and Doctor of Ministry degrees, all in Spanish and from their own ministry context.

Students complete a personalized program of studies, working with a team of three mentors, that utilizes online courses, cohorts and practical projects to demonstrate their competency.

What is the school about?

In this short 3-minute video, we will tell you everything you need to know about the online school of Hispanics for Christ, HFC Online.


HFC has been a blessing in these 17 years that we have worked together in Mexico, primarily in training, mentoring, and supporting our Biennial Church Planting Retreat. We appreciate partnering with ministries that share the same vision.

Paco and Shawna Damian
Querétaro, Mexico

Disposition, availability, humility, generosity, fellowship, kingdom-mindedness, are the hallmarks of this ministry that glorifies God and blesses His church.

This ministry that glorifies God and blesses His church.

Isra y Maura Contreras
Querétaro, Mexico

Hispanics for Christ has been a great blessing for my life and ministry, as it has provided me with evangelistic materials and ministry support.

Great blessing for my life and ministry.

Rubén Camacho Razo
Pastor de la Iglesia Bíblica Misionera (IBM) Remanente en Torreón, Coahuila México.

Not only do I have their support to manage my funds, but we also have a very pleasant and God-blessed fellowship. And for that, their spiritual support is invaluable

Great blessing for my life and ministry.

Héctor y Matty Romero Misioneros plantando iglesias
Pastor de la Iglesia Bíblica Misionera (IBM) Remanente en Torreón, Coahuila México.





Through your school, church, seminary, or direct communication with HFC, you will receive a username and password to access.



You can take the courses at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Materials such as videos, texts, feedback, and exercises will be available.



Live classes, chat, direct communication via WhatsApp, email, or even phone calls will be available to support you.



Live classes and video-based classes. A series of courses focused on church planting and spiritual leadership development.

No, introductory courses, theology, and other essential knowledge for leading a Christian community are also available.

English and Spanish.